India's Unreal Estate Market

The real estate market in India: Problems, prices and happenings.
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From times when a roof over the head, schools in the vicinity and day-to-day services nearby were the main requirements, house hunters now look for much more in and around a house. And be it an international airport close by or the famed 'Bollywood sign', a lavish golf course or simply something up for re-development, real estate agents are never far behind in trying to pitch customers the house of their dreams. Simply put, the rules of the game have changed. To read the complete article, click here.

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  1. :) he he he Well just proves one does not need a marketting degree or something like that to make a SALE.. the gift of mouth is good enough and some people make the best use of it :)


    1. I wish there was a Like button for comments too on Blogspot. I would have done that! :)


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