Wednesday, April 10, 2013


That the blog is called Deepa's Kaleidoscope is no secret. But the fact that the second of my stories 'Domino Effect' has got published in an anthology called 'Kaleidoscope' - What is it if not a good omen? 

Also, proud to announce that the 'Domino Effect' has been chosen as one of the top 5 stories in the book! Available at offline retailers like Landmark and Crossword, you can also order your online copies at Amazon.

Click on Goodreads for reviews and more.

Shaurya says: A fresh breeze along the book comes in the terms of The Domino Effect by Deepa Duraisamy. The theme is how a chain of interconnected events started by the unaware protagonist changes the life of those who get involved in it. To weave so many different plots into a single story is not an easy task but the author justifies her work here. Click here to read the complete review. 

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