Describli: Wilting flowers on a table

So, there's this writing prompt site called Describli which email's me 4 prompts every day. A site that I have come to love, for reasons other actual writing! For some reason, one of those four prompts always, always seems to relate to something going on with me. Well, most days. Except on those rare occassions when nothing fits. So even though, I haven't been blogging regularly, I've been able to connect with a prompt every day at some level. Some of those, I pen down in my own journal. For myself. 

And now, I take these to the next level. Barring the one that I relate to, I pick up another prompt from the same set of 4 and post a scrib on it - right on the Describli website. So, let me tell you a little bit about Describli. Conceptualized and managed extremely well by a lady called Laura, it gives people like me an opportunity to pen little bits of writing in an impromptu manner and post scribs on the site. Writers can have followers, you can rate scribs, earn badges and so. But most importantly, it's a boost to be able to write without having to think what to write about. Perfect for folks wanting to come out of the famed 'writer's block'. Describli also gives groups an option to pen stories together - sections written by turn, something I haven't tried yet. Maybe someday. 

For today, here's my first scrib. Titled Waiting Forever. Click on the link and go have a peek. 

I would love to hear your views!