E for Egypt: The Royal Afterlife

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This post is extra special, because it marks the completion of a century with the blog! 100 posts and not out!

“WHAT??? That's what Mr. Buford's will says?” I cried.
“Yep, that’s what it says. Final wishes. He wants to be buried with a dozen beer bottles.” Neil, the will executor, reiterated. “Samuel Adams. Utopias. He wants the finest in there with him!”

I rolled my eyes at the proposition. It was one thing for the Pharaohs of Egypt to have stocked their tombs with items that they wanted to take to their afterlife, but for someone to emulate it in the 21st century was beyond my understanding. 


“Gonna be a long day tomorrow. I figured you might need a drink,” Neil remarked as he walked into my office that evening and pulled out two long stemmed Utopia bottles from his bag.

"You wouldn’t!" I gasped. 
" Well ... Why waste good beer? Plus, he just wanted the finest bottles in there. No mention of ‘em being full!” he said, flashing a toothy grin at me. 

“You're so mean!”
“Hey! You want some or not!” he said, dangling the exquisite bottle like bait.
It took me less than a second to fish it out of his grasp.

Pharaohs and Kings of Egypt believed they could take their wealth into the afterworld and hence would emphatically state their wishes to be buried along with it. http://www.touregypt.net/featurestories/equip.htm

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  1. Hahahha v v cool
    And congratulations on the century!! Keep it up!

  2. Nice! But I disagree with Sam Adams as being the finest ;)

    1. Google 'most expensive beer' and see what it throws up! And I went by the theory of Apple. The pricier it is the more premium quality of would be!! Hehehe

  3. Imagine if every dead person wanted a pyramid.... Thats a lot of space required :D

    1. I read the other day that some country (was it China?) has started recycling tombs it seems!

  4. Congratulations on century , keep going !!

  5. Ha ha, but what if the ghost of the dead is offended? Congratulations on the century Deepa! Keep writing!!!

  6. Mysterious & mythical pyramids brings so much of attentiveness to this ancient place..well written for centennial bang..huge congratulations:)


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