X for meXico: Too Hot To Handle!

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“You’ve ordered this dish at your own risk. Please do not complain that it is too hot or spicy. We will only join your friends and laugh at you some more. Bon Apetit!” says the note accompanying the dish. Whoa! That sure trumps up the dare quota a bit.

Habanero Hell Peppers. The name of the dish does sound a little intimidating but then how spicy can it be for an Indian, right? And with that thought, I give AJ a thumbs up and we go for it!

We gingerly pick up one each of the two deep fried balls and chew off a bite slowly. AJ rolls his eyes at me and shrugs. Boy, are they underestimating us or what! And so, we proceed with the rest of it.

Thirty-six seconds later, I’m on fire. Unbelievable, unquenchable, fire. Like my heart would pop out of my mouth. Like I’m drowning and cannot come up for air. Gasping, wheezing. It takes us three dollops of cream cheese each, two glasses of water and some ice cubes to finally put it out. Underneath the cream cheese, we find a parting note.

“The world’s hottest chili. With love. From meXico.”

The above story is an exception to the A-Z 2016 series since no characters or events depicted in this post were fictional.

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Note: Since there aren’t any countries that start with X, meXico was kind enough to step in. Native to Mexico, Habanero peppers are rated as the hottest peppers all over the world.  Link source here.  Also, this Youtube video would probably give you an idea of what we went through!

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  1. I am not someone who is good at eating spicy food, so I avoid the habanero pepper. I'm quite surprised that you had trouble with it! There are many spicy Indian dishes that I cannot eat ^^

    1. Hi there! I wonder how I missed your comment. We Indians typically love our spice! But this was way toooo hot! Thanks for leaving a comment :)


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