Z for Zimbabwe: And Ever and Ever

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Sadly, this post also marks the end of the 2016 A-Z Blogging Challenge. I have enjoyed the entire journey and hopeflully you enjoyed reading the posts as much as I loved to write them!

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Two years later
Thursday, 12-Apr-2018 (In Person)
“Please, Tanya. I’ll be gone for only a week this time, I promise.”
“I don’t know, Imran. This feels like deja vu. You got a second chance back then because of your excellent workmanship. But that’s all I can afford. There will be no third chances.”
“Monday it is.”

Wednesday, 25-Apr-2018 (Via Telecon)
“I remember your case. Tanya had finally relented to take you back on the project. What is it this time?”
“My brother’s wedding, Sir”

“Didn’t you say you had only one brother?”
“Yes Sir. Only one brother.”
“Didn’t he already get married in Yemen?”
“Yes Sir. That was Yemen. This is Zimbabwe.”

“Polygamy is legal in Zimbabwe, Sir.”
(Long Pause)

“Would you like to collect your termination letter personally or would you like me to fax it over to your brother’s address in Zimbabwe?”

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Zimbabwe recognizes legal rights for a man to marry multiple wives making polygamy extremely popular in the country. Link: http://www.sundaymail.co.zw/polygamy-two-sides-of-the-same-coin/

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