G: A Wedding to Remember!

August, 2012
“I … I can’t … I just can’t figure out why he would do that. Maybe it was me,”
“Blaming yourself won’t help, my dear”
“Then who do I blame, Doc? There were no demands. He was so enthusiastic about the wedding arrangements. He even paid for it all. And then he just vanished.”

June, 2013
“Arunoday, I have endured a lot of your childhood tantrums, but this is ridiculous. Eloping from seven weddings is not a joke.”

March, 2014
“Mr. Mittal, your son is a gamophile. I am sorry Sir, but I’ll have to notify the police.”

Believe it or not, gamophiles love weddings in the extreme sense. Not only do they do get aroused by the idea of weddings, they soak in and revel in the festivities linked to weddings, often rehashing the moments in their mind for insane durations of time.

Pic Credit: C21 Grand Lake
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  1. 😳 You are just increasing my vocabulary! I had no idea of such a term!

  2. Shocking!! What must the would be brides be going through? Thanks for the new word, Deepa

    1. Yeah! Unimaginable!!! (I wonder if that's a word now!)

  3. Busskyaa arunoday , ek bhi baar bulaya nahi :(

    1. Phokat! Knowing you, you would have gate crashed each of them!


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