W: Up, Up and Away!

8:00 AM
“And that thrust is what makes rockets fly,” concluded Mr. Chidambaran, happy that his son seemed interested in science. He wondered why his nine year old was asking questions around propulsion physics though.

2:30 PM
“Don’t you have homework? Stop goofing around with the broom,” said a very cross Mrs. Chidambaran. Arvind’s antics were driving her up the wall.

5:00 PM
“Appa can make propellent shoes. I stole the broom from Amma. Wand?” asked Arvind.
“Got a Harry Potter wand, see? I think it should work!” Divya remarked.
“You’ll be the coolest witch ever!” quipped a beaming Arvind!

Wiccophilia refers to the love for witches and witchcraft. The above micro-fiction is about a light-hearted childhood fascination through the eyes of two innocent kids.

Pic Credit: Creatables
This post is written as part of a 100 word microfiction series for the A2Z Blogging Challenge.
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