2021: Blogging A-Z Challenge: Covid Craziness: N


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Nah, something’s wrong. It’s the first time ever that he’s so disinterested. Earlier, we would meet every single day. Now weeks pass by with no contact,” mused Kia, standing in the garage.

“Weird! It’s the opposite for me, I can’t wait for him to leave,” remarked Vu.

“Oh, he’s tiring me out too,” agreed Kelvin, from the kitchen.

The lockdown-restricted lazy IT developer lounging on the couch, stuffed Doritos into his mouth and started a movie on Netflix, as the indoor appliances – the Vu TV and the Kelvinator fridge exchanged guilty glances, feeling sorry for Kia parked in the garage.   

Note: This 100-word micro-fiction is written for the Covid Crazies 2021 Edition of the Blogging from A-Z Challenge. The entire list of 2021 posts can be accessed here.


  1. Dont know whether to laugh or no but yes could feel their sentiments...hugs..

  2. Hahaha... The catch was cute..Vu & Kelvin...-AA

  3. Funny...poor Kia and poor overworked Vu and Kelvin

  4. Awwww I often personify inanimate objects just for fun. This is so cute 💖

  5. Hehehe cute one.. will go meet my Baleno

  6. Haaa..peppy names juggling on..contemporary Oops sedentary:-))


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