Day 10: 1 Picture

Day 10: 1 Picture in the 10 Day You Challenge

Well, today officially marks the end of the 10 Day You challenge and I must admit I am going to miss the emails and comments and everything going on with my co-bloggers related to this activity.  

To my co-blogger buddies, this was so much fun and I have to say, this helped me get back to penning down my thoughts ! We should think of something again ! Loved it !

For today, I need to post 1 picture of myself. I thought about this a little and of the pics that came to mind, I wanted to pick a defining picture of some sort, something that I wouldn't have to talk about, I would post it and that would be it. ME.  Unfortunately the pic I would have liked to post is sitting in India and my sister's been too tied up (read: lazy) to scan it and send it to me. 

So, as an alternative : here's a goofy side of me ! Well, what can I say !
PS: I wish my parents had forced me to get those braces, regardless of how much of a stubborn brat I was back then and how I had fought against it then ! I'll be the first to admit parents do know best !

A picture of me with colourful hair: 1 Picture for the 10 Day You Challenge

I would love to hear your views!


  1. Couldn't stop laughin at ur pic. did u manage to get a wig with uneven length :) .....
    Yep I too enjoyed this exercise. least my blog had visitors n I was keen to read everyones blog too. ....lets plan sumthin to keep the enthu going

  2. Naa re, wasnt a wig, it was at one of those hat shops at Universal Studios, Florida, and they had all these wierd hats (background mein dekh), funny ones, UFO ones etc ! :) so we were just goofing around :) I even have another one with all curly hair like a bird's nest ! But this one was funnier :)

    Yeah, I was thinking the same thing, kuch sochte hain !

  3. Yeh!!! At last this comes to an end!! thank goodness!! Internet bandwidth saved!! lot of server space saved!! yipppeee!!!

  4. Netizen, Yeh band ho gaya to kya hua, kuch naya zaroor aayega.


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