The ingenious common man

A ingenious man in India makes the best of his resources.

No money? No time? No problem!!!! says the common man. Juggling school, tuitions, extra classes, extra curricular activities and what not, how does a student catch up on lost sleep? How do working women juggle work outside of home along with their hectic schedules of handling family life? And how resourceful can the common man get to be? Published in the NRI, the online magazine dedicated to the vast and diverse international community of Indians residing outside of India, my article on the ingenuity of the common man. Read on for more.

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  1. neat pic..going to site to read more:)

    1. Thank you Bhavana! But I have to admit, the pic is not mine. It was published by the NRI team itself, I had an R.K. Laxman's common man joke pic that I forgot to send :) Glad you liked the article!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Rachna :) Its been a while, just recently came back to Bombay and had to get internet connectivity setup! I felt so lost without it and I myself was surprised that I didn't miss Facebook or checking my gmail as much as I missed blogging, reading others posts and responding to comments!

  3. That is a well-written piece and I congratulate you on that.

  4. Welcome back,i was missing have nailed a quality very much prevalent in us Indians,it makes us thrifty & efficient time-managers.

  5. Hi,
    Found your blog via The-NRI where I posted recently as well. You have a lovely style of writing and a your topic-selection is great as well.
    Do connect with my blog via IndiBlogger - I have I feeling you might like what you see! I tried sending you an IndiMail but couldn't seem to be able to - not sure why!
    Rickie Khosla


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