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The way to a woman's heart is through the bookstore.
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Melbourne, where I am currently based, is well-known for its Arts Precinct, a part of which also includes the Literary Arts. And when we think of literary festivals and fundraisers, how can books be far behind? So, when Sudha Ganapati of 'My Favourite Things' suggested Melbourne bookstores as a topic for a guest post, I couldn't resist! Sudha is a warm, friendly soul with a varied set of interests including and not limited to, travel, reading, music and photography. She also runs an online book club 'The Sunday Book Club'. Do hop over to her blog to read my post! You can find the link here.
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  1. Off to read!!
    Came across your blog through indiblogger.

    1. Nice to connect with you! Looking forward to talk to you more often!

  2. Hey .. long time no see ..

    too busy holidaying :) happy new year


    1. :) I'm glad you asked! Been thinking a while of posting too. No; not the holiday. Just everything around! I posted one today! Have a read :)


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