B for ... Bride!

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‘Nana, B for?’ asked little 3 year old Rhea. It failed her, how something could be both bus and butterfly. She loved butterflies. They were always coming back to her. But Momma confused her by saying B for banana. She hated bananas. And Rohit, from the neighbouring house, would complicate it further by saying B for bomb. Yesterday, the play school teacher had taught her that B stood for bee. B for B? What was a B? What did it even mean?

‘B for Bride’ Nana replied, settling herself in in the old wicker chair, rubbing her knees with her palm. ‘Like your mother’s gonna be. A beautiful bride.’

‘Momma …’ Annette’s breath caught in her throat. Standing across the room, she wished she could savour this picture forever. Three generations in a single click. Time hung on a moment. Would it feel so normal again? Would her baby be happy? Was she making the right decision?

‘I know you’re worried, Annie. Don’t be. You’re getting another go at life. Embrace it, my dear.’
Little Rhea scribbled purple all across Daisy Duck and scrunched up her nose. ‘B for Bride?’

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  1. Hi Deepa - lovely pastiche .. with the generations and their own thoughts .. the little one just ready to live in the moment and learn .. cheers Hilary

    www.positiveletters.com (but it should click through from the name) ...

    1. Thank you Hilary! Great to have you here! :) I'll hope over to yours before the week starts :)

  2. hahaahha!! My younger son had the same confusion as Rhea...how could B stand for so many things?!

    1. Glad to know it reminded you of fun times! How's you been?


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