H for Hong Kong: Daddy's Little Princess

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“Mommmmyyyyyy, Aryan won’t talk to me,” wails my five year old. The chubby face is streaked with tears as she jumps up the bed and settles into my lap.

“Hush hush. Tell Mommy what happened, Mommy will fix it.”
“Aryan wants to go to McDonald’s, Mommy.”
“Daddy says I can’t go!”

I look across at Vikram working furiously on his own laptop. He seems to be immersed in work but I know he’s listening.

“Well..,” he says, as he scrunches his nose and looks away sheepishly.
“What is it, Vik?”
“I don’t want him getting the wrong ideas ..,” he shrugs. “This is Hong Kong. People get married at McDonald’s all the time!!” he exclaims, his eyes going wide at the possibility.

I grin. How can he be so impossible and loveable at the same time? 

“She’s five, Vik! Your little princess isn’t going anywhere!” I roll my eyes at him. 
“Come on Sia, I’ll take you!” I say, as our little one squeals with delight.
“Don’t say I didn’t warn you!” he shouts out as mother and daughter head out the room hand in hand. 

McDonald's wedding parties are so popular in Hong Kong, that the fast food giant offers a dedicated service for couples. Click here to read more.

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  1. And the wedding cake a three tiered big Mac and a diet coke aperitif.

    Who's the minister? Ronald McDonald?:-P

    1. Yeah, Ron McDonald - that very clown guy who sits outside :D Won't that be cute! :)

  2. Oh it’s absolutely a new thing!!!!!!

  3. People in Hong Kong are smart.

  4. Not a surprise coming from RON..endearing commercially...Why am I remembering its original slogan...Uhh..started with ‘I’ geared up along ‘WE’ & stamped as ‘ALL OF US’


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