L for Libya: Housing Matters

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“What’s wrong with Farhan? He’s educated, makes decent money, he’s well-travelled, well read,” says her father, convinced that there couldn’t be a better match for his daughter.

On TV, a skin whitening cream commercial starts playing – a girl, the central character playing it smart and asking for more time as she would like to have a job and buy her own house, post which she would marry someone her ‘equal’. Naina’s mother hurriedly hunts for the remote and turns it off, but the damage is done.

“See?” says Naina. “Every girl wants to prove herself too, Dad. Let me buy a house first.”

But her father, not to be outdone, seems to have done his own research. And to her chagrin, in cahoots with Farhan. “Farhan has a Libyan residency. The government is so generous, you get married there – they gift you a house for free! God bless Libya!”

“Dad!” she says, vexed by the direction the conversation is taking.

“And,” he continues, winking at Naina’s mother. “Farhan’s family says no to dowry. All they want is … ten kilos of sugar!” he says with a chuckle as Naina throws a fluffy cushion at him.

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Though the story was part fiction, part fact - under Gaddafi's rule, when Libyan citizens got married in the country, they were given funds towards an apartment from the government for free. http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-884508
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  1. That is interesting. I once knew a couple here in the states that got married because of something about less taxes. That marriage did not last though. I find the commercial about skin whitening cream fascinating because white folks buy skin tanning cream. Humans are weird.

    1. We sure are. The grass always seems greener on the other side, doesn't it!


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