C for China: Made in China

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The third letter of the alphabet makes its grand entry today! 

“Pillu! How many times have I told you to stop texting when we are walking?” I yell as I pull my fifteen year old out of the path of an oncoming cyclist.
“8,307 times Ma, to be precise.” Pat comes the reply.
“Stop acting over smart. Give me your phone.” I say firmly, putting out my hand.
“You’re the one acting like Lady Hitler!” he says with a sulk on his face.

Willing myself to start over, I reason that treating him as an adult would probably be a better solution.

“Pillu, do you think Indian parents are strict?” I ask him softly.
“Na, but it would have been fun to be Made in China,” he says, his fingers making double quotes in the air.
Wait, what? Whoa. China? Where did that come from? Huh?
“Ma, China’s soooo coooool,” he goes on. “They have these smartphone pedestrian lanes, ya know! Aside from the regular walking lanes, yoo! Sooo awesome, imagine having whole lanes to yourself, no lady Hitlers bothering you!” 

And somehow I know, I’m wasting my time.

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Mobile phone sidewalks, a 100 ft. cellphone lane, are a technologically driven reality in China - for people who love to text as they walk. Over the top but true. http://www.theguardian.com/world/shortcuts/2014/sep/15/china-mobile-phone-lane-distracted-walking-pedestrians
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  1. Omg.... U put up really awesome b quirky facts... Fun read :)

  2. Oh My God! They have mobile phone sidewalks!! Amazed! China thinks of everything!!

    1. Unbelievable na! Though I feel this one's a little over the top! But then if they know that people are gonna have such habits, might as well keep 'em safe. So makes sense too!

  3. Awesome!! I love them all. Keep up the good work. I'm watching you

  4. Well clubbed with facts...nice one...enjoyed reading.... :)

  5. nice one. China has utilized its centralized decisive power for itself to the fullest. The centralized power has its benefits compared to a chaotic democracy.
    Democracies are beautiful but self-contradictory , where majority calls the shots and minority opposes everything.

  6. Awesome!! Reminds of my teen boy :) enjoyed reading.

  7. Never knew of this! Quite interesting and thoughtfully written story around it.

  8. Not known about this super savvy lanes...the third alphabet has probably gone too far...I can imagine your input towards topics made interesting from every corner of world..hours of reading & bringing up here with so much of finesse...already waiting for next one <•+•>

  9. Enjoyed reading it Deepa, keep it up 👍 My daughter always agrue with me for, how best is China.

  10. Hahaha. I had an experience in office. Messaging n walking n in dark and i realised something passed but I ignored as "I was bz chatting". Then few seconds later I heard someone shouting "snake tha"... I was happy being "bz" n thanked God for not letting me see it n not stepping on it :p -AA


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