O for Oman: Slippery Tales

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There’s a witty saying that goes ‘Women in Mumbai probably love their maids more than they love their husbands’. And so, when my maid announces that she would be quitting work by the end of the month, I am flabbergasted. The only other thing more difficult than finding a good maid in Mumbai, is finding a good house. Needless to say, I try to get to the root of the decision.

“We’re moving to Oman,” she says, clearly excited.
“But why?”
Didi, you don’t have to pay income tax there,” she says, referring to me by the generic nickname, typically meaning elder sister, a moniker adopted by millions of women in the country.
“You don’t pay income tax here!” I exclaim, almost choking on my coffee.
She is silent for a second. Then comes up with her second argument.
“Mohan, my neighbour, has been there. He said you don’t have to tip the people in hotels. So much money saving, Didi,” she remarks.
“Do you tip here?” I ask, a rhetorical question.
She goes silent again.
“What do you plan to do there?”
“Mohan says people who work with oil can make good money. Raghu works with oil, Didi.”

I sigh. Such naivete. Her husband Raghu offers head oil massages to vagabonds at the local beach.


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Oman, like several other Gulf countries does not cost its citizens income tax or sales tax. Instead the country relies on annual registration renewals of vehicles, property etc. to drive its income. Governments also require that certain businesses also provide for power generation to the area, development of roads etchttp://xpatnation.com/fun-facts-about-the-gulf-state-of-oman/#.a33i06q5L 

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  1. Omg haha I thought he is working with some oil company...
    I have heard about lot of incidences where poor people get Stuck there, they loose their passport and they do not have enough contacts to come back to their land!

    1. Heheheh, just a naive poor couple dreaming big! :) Yeah, there sure have been quite a few horror tales of that sort originating from the Gulf!

  2. :) OH he he he BUt you never know head massages might bring money in tooooooo and then No income tax DOUBLE saving he he he he :)


    1. Aur nahi to kya! I was googling Oman images and it did throw up some nice royal beach pictures. Rich Omanis would definitely need elite treatment! How's you been! Back to blogging?

  3. Naivete is sometimes a bliss and sometimes dangerous

    1. I agree! Most times, it leaves you peaceful though!

  4. Hahahahaha
    Funny one there. I'll certainly laugh out loud if i ever hear someone offer me a Maaaalissss....


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