N for New Zealand: Taking Flight

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I watch him walk towards me with a swagger in his step and a sneer on his face. I try to focus on my work, tearing off pieces of rubber from the windshield wipers. He slows down as he gets close, his rubber soled shoes no longer thumping loud on the cemented ground. But I hear his every breath. I watch him from the corner of my eye as he attempts to sneak up behind me.

When he’s just two feet away, he swishes out his cell phone and holds it high posing with me in the background. Oh. Always ready for a pose, I turn around, looking square into the camera. A few feet away, a couple of girls ooh and aah over us. And suddenly, I am famous.

“Mom, look! It’s a Kia!” says a little Dora-toting kid. “Can I take her home with me please? Please, please, pretty please Daddy?” she whines, with a puppy dog face. Sigh, who can say No to that that! I am enjoying the attention when suddenly he lunges at me.

By sheer force of habit, I take flight, wings flapping and throat screeching, up into the air. But I don’t soar. Not high enough. I can’t. We’ve lost that ability to fly, you see. New Zealand has no predators, we see no threat and so we’ve forgotten to fly. The best we do is fly a few feet up and land back down – on cars or the road. Landing on a car some distance away, I start tearing off rubber strips again. They think we eat rubber. Not me. I’m trying to build a squishy landing area so even if we fall while we practice to fly, we can get back up and try again! I won’t give up hope.

PC Credit: http://www.new-zealand-pictures.co.nz
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The Kia or Kea, is one of the many birds on the New Zealand islands, that has lost its ability to fly. Guess evolution plays out in many different ways! 

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