Y for Yemen: Joined in Harmony, For Ever and Ever and Ever

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Thursday, 21-Apr-2016
“I’ll need a day more, Tanya. I should be back on Monday.”
“You’re already a week late, Imran. Just one more day. I’ll expect to see you on Monday.”

Monday, 25-Apr-2016
“There’s just the last bit left to wrap up. Tomorrow for sure.”
“You were going to join today, Imran. You better report to work tomorrow.”

Wednesday, 27-Apr-2016
“If you’re not here by Friday, Imran, I’m going to have to talk to HR.”
“Please don't do that Tanya. The festivities were so drawn out, I kept getting pulled into everything and I’m from the family, Tanya. I had to help. I’m so sorry. I’ll join tomorrow for sure and I’ll make up for the delay.”

Friday, 29-Apr-2016
“No Sir. I feel so horrid. I never knew it would stretch out so far. It was just supposed to be a wedding. A quick week off. But then this is Yemen. The wedding feast has been going on for the past nineteen days and it’s my brother’s wedding, I really couldn’t get away. Please do consider this as a genuine personal problem, Sir.”

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Yemeni weddings are a matter of pride and social prestige. Wedding feasts typically last for an average of 21 days. Link: http://www.travelingeast.com/middle-east/yemen/ten-interesting-facts-about-yemen/

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  1. I need an invite to that wedding! 19 days of hogging. Woohoo!

    1. LOL me too!!! I so am in the mood for some yummy wedding food!


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