I: Everything's Fishy!

Day 3 of the trip dawns bright and sunny. And on our itinerary for today is the 188,000 gallon kelp forest tank aquarium at the California Science Center. Filled with coral exhibits, sea weed, fishes and sharks, the swirling water within the deep blue glass casts kaleidoscopic shadows that dance across the hall. Little Shreya, all of three years old, is a big fan of fishes and all aquatic life. She shrieks now, excited.

“Mommy, look! Fish! I love fish!” Her mother and I smile, and then break into peals of laughter as she ends it with “Wow, fish! So yummy!”

Today’s micro byte, though just an innocent take as seen through the eyes of an adorable kid and not really an extreme love of any sort, is still a memory that stays close to me; one that always puts a smile on my face whenever I hear the word ‘fish’. Ichthyophilia, however, is defined as extreme obsessive love for fish and sea life. Little Shreya is now a fine young lady; all grown up and off to make her mark on the world. I hope she reads this and remembers the tale. And I hope it makes her smile 😊

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  1. Ha ha...a simple perspective by an innocent child. Good one Deepa!!

    1. Heheheh! Yeah - cute perspectives and forever memories! :)

  2. Ooooo my girls have a thing for mermaid 🧜‍♀️

    1. Oooooh, I am going to find out if they have a specific word for that too!


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