J: Coming Out.

“I cannot .. cannot .. do this, Papa,” I say, trying to muster up courage. Stacked next to me are flyers of the upcoming Nazi convention, the Swastika symbol on each a glaring omen.

Papa looks at me hard, his eyes boring holes into my skin. His unflinching gaze makes me feel unbelievably small. And I shudder involuntarily.

“I fell in love,” I murmur as softly as I can. “With Hanukkah. Hebrew. And … Moses.”

I see the Luger too late. The silent night is interrupted only by the echo of a gunshot. Just one. Then it is quiet again.

Imagine a love so strong that it transcends not just traditions and religions, but borders, generations of hatred, and a whole belief system that one has been raised with. Judeophilia refers to extreme love for the Jewish, in which one might go against their own religions/culture and start adapting those of Judaism.

Pic Credit: The Journal
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  1. Nice...well ritan...kep it up.

  2. Sad! Religious fanaticism rises above blood relations even in todays times. Well written. Judeophilia..thanks for one more pearl.

    1. So true. And we see this happening all around. People kill for religion. Thanks Sonali!


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