M: To Be or Not to Be!

There are those who doubt me. Doubt my decision to go ahead with this; who see this as dangerous. I cannot blame those people. But there was a time when I was in the deepest dungeons of my life, struggling to cope with what I was going through. People turn to nature, travel, books, friends, even yoga. I turned to bees. They helped me get through before. And they will again. I trust my baby with them. So will I go ahead with the maternity photo shoot with 20,000 bees? Yes I will. A mother will not harm her child.

Melissophilia refers to the obsessive love for bees. When I read the story about the bee-keeper woman from Ohio who decided to have a maternity shoot with 20,000 bees, my first reaction was disbelief as well. But then love for all things, human or not, animate or inanimate can be all consuming and inexplicable. It saddens me to read that Emily Mueller later suffered a still birth. However, there is no research that links bee stings to stillbirths. While in her profession as a beekeeper, she has given birth to two children, both hale and hearty.

The above post does not claim to be an introspection or intend to be insensitive or sensationalize the choices being by Emily Mueller. I wish her and her family peace, strength and only the best.

Pic Credit: USA Today
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  1. Sorry, for being judgemental. Little solace that the still birth wasn't linked to it.
    Hats off to you Deepa, keep going!!

    1. Absolutely. I do agree witb you. But most would be quick to judge the mother. And honestly, no mother would intentionally want to harm her child. Hence the clarification.

  2. I read up the story of Emily Mueller. It’s sad that she had a still birth. I can understand her love for bees as a bee keeper! Surely she was comfortable around them to take a maternity shoot with the bees

    1. Yes absolutely. It is indeed saddening. And I cannot imagine the amount on internal conflict she would be going through.


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