R: A walk down memory lane!

We force open the door. It cracks open four inches before being met with resistance. Even through the gap, the musty smell hits us hard.

“What the …” remarks Goyal.
Rows and columns of cardboard boxes greet us, stacked wall to wall, floor to ceiling. Eight hours later, we take turns listing our inventory.

“Thirteen boxes of newspaper. 1960 to 2018. Sequenced”
“Magazines. 1952 onwards.”
“Sixty two cassettes. Audio. Thirteen video cassettes. Home made.”
“Nine boxes of pictures. Eleven CDs. Again pictures.”
“Nineteen boxes of personal journals”.
“Our victim’s a retrophile? It’s going to be a long day,” I sigh.

Retrophilia is defined as a strong attraction to and preference for that which is from or characteristic of the past. Retrophiles have a strong liking for things of the past and tend to accumulate and hold on to tons of memorabilia for years together, often until they die.

Pic Credit: Irish Times
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