T: The Poisoned Apple!

The hydrocarbons in the dishwashing liquid hit me hard, like that of an oncoming train. I feel the sudden rush to my brain; millions of nerve centres lighting up and tingling all at once. I feel my stomach burn, as if my insides are being ripped open. I shudder and cough, flailing my arms around, choking and gasping for air. I scramble for the activated charcoal by the side, and stuff it into my mouth. Six hours later, I am stable. After all, I have done this a few times. The dishwashing liquid is stowed away, for another episode someday.

Toxicophilia refers to the insane love that a person has for toxins, both legal and illegal. It is the search for the rewarding effects of one or more psychotropic substances. Toxicophiles derive pleasure by subjecting themselves or others to heady combinations of toxins often pushing one to the edge before wanting to return back to the state of normalcy.

Pic Credit: Jane Hinrich
This post is written as part of a 100 word microfiction series for the A2Z Blogging Challenge.
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  1. Never knew about toxicophilia. Thanks for enhancing my knowledge Deepa.


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