V: Ouch!

“Who would do something so ghastly? This is an eight month old we’re talking about.”
“Mrs. Rajen, I understand your pain. But tests don’t lie. Your baby has more than thirty puncture points. Recent ones. We can’t release her back to you until the police allow it. A social worker will visit to check on the twin as well.”
I watch my sister crumble to the ground.

That night, I deviate from my routine. No injections anymore for baby Sanya. Much as I love the euphoria, I cannot risk it anymore. I cannot let Sanya get taken away as well.

Most people detest needles. At the very least, they get a little squeamish around them. Vaccinophilia refers to the weird love and attraction that one has to needles and vaccines. Vaccinophiles enjoy injecting themselves as much as they derive pleasure from watching others being injected or injecting others actively.

Pic Credit: Career Daily Girl
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  1. Oh my goodness...This is so totally unheard of...


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