X: From the land of Far, Far Away!

“Famous Ganges mud. Usually it cost more. I give discount,” explained the tourist guide, Mr. Pratap. His five-year-old went wide-eyed at the sight of the two intrusions, their milky white skin standing out clearly among the sea of brown gathered to get a look or even a selfie with the foreigners.

Twenty minutes later, the kid giggled watching the couple indulge in his favourite game. Scooping up handfuls of swampy mud, they rubbed it all over themselves. Little did Mr. Pratap know that owing to their fear of being followed and bothered, their need for camouflage had trumped his faith.

The fact that there are pockets in India that love, worship and pander to foreigners, mostly fair skinned, is no big secret. Xenophilia refers to the extreme love for such; when the curiosity or amusement rises to the extent of obsession with the visitors from another land.

Pic Credit: Deccan Chronicle
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