2021: Blogging A-Z Challenge: Covid Craziness: P


Pic Credit: Sea Mashable

PPE Kits? How on earth?” I am not sure if I am imagining things, but Kian confirms it.

“First the lockdown and now this.” I comment aloud. This could mean the end of our wedding planner business. Kian sits scratching his beard. I can almost see the gears turning in his head.

“Think about it, Myra,” he says with a grin, “we can totally do this. And sell it, like hot cakes man. Make it memorable. Covid is here to stay. Let’s milk it.”

Three days later, the couple’s PPE kit themed pre-wedding photo-shoot pictures go viral on social media.

Note: In the midst of all the negative news, comes a heart warming story of two front-line workers in Malaysia, determined to make their special day memorable. Read more about it here. While the premise is real, the above conversation is fictional. This 100-word micro-fiction is written for the Covid Crazies 2021 Edition of the Blogging from A-Z Challenge. The entire list of 2021 posts can be accessed here. 


  1. Crisis brings opportunities... Kool :) ... -AA

  2. A good one. Life is to live in this moment .

  3. And this is what we call...finding positivity in everything ❤

  4. Haha! Your imagination is running wild to come up with a story for P. I liked it!

  5. Pyaar,Possibilities & PRESENT...Today is a gift %₹$£€%


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