Guest Post Guidelines

Every once in a while, I would like to host posts from bloggers who I feel honored to have on my blog and whose efforts I genuinely applaud. With inputs from guidelines on Rachna Says, here are my own set of guidelines which are applicable to any such guest post that I put up on my blog. 

Guidelines related to Content:
  1. It is recommended that the post length be a minimum of 500 words. I am willing to consider exceptions, however if so, I would like to discuss it before you go ahead and start penning the post. 
  2. I request you to let me know about the subject of the post before hand. Before publishing the post, I might make some minor edits to it, I promise to run those by you as well. 
  3. No adult, pornographic or objectionable content is allowed on this blog. Please also refrain from using defamatory content or abusive language within the blog. 
  4. I’ll provide a link back to your blog within the Author’s Introduction. Please refrain from using more affiliate links within the post unless they’re relevant to the post. 
  5. Feel free to promote the post on your own social media as well! Helps both of us!
Guidelines related to Copyright: 
  1. All articles must be original and written specifically for the purpose of a guest post on my blog. Any exception from the rule would be my prerogative. Please do not submit previously published articles or modified versions of the same.
  2. Once posted on my blog, you’re most welcome to link the post to your future articles. I ask that you do not post the entire article or submit the same article elsewhere - be it on your own blog, another guest post, online publications or any other media. This is to ensure that the content only exists at a single location. 
  3. However, if the need arises or if we feel that the post would hold more ‘value’ elsewhere then please let me know. Recognizing the value is up to my discretion. If the situation demands that post is truly ‘helpful’ elsewhere, I will have to take it down from my blog as I certainly do not appreciate the same content being hosted at two locations. This would also be unfair to readers who have commented or partaken in discussions on the post while on this blog. Hence, please note that I would make a consideration only in the rarest of situations and I will not promote this practice on a regular basis. Unless I give you the go ahead, once hosted on my blog, the post stays exclusive to this blog.
  4. If you include images, please provide copyright attribution. If these are pictures that you own, you need to mention so specifically.
  5. This blog accepts no responsibility for copyright infringement that any of your written content or images may cause. 
Since these guidelines could be modified every few months, I request that you go through them before you start on a guest post in order to help save time and effort later! I sincerely look forward to having you on my blog! 

I would love to hear your views!


  1. Hi,

    I was wondering whether you would be interested for a guest article exchange with i was searching for your mail id but couldn't find any. is a 75,000 plus members strong community of women.

    If interested please contact me at referring your mail id. i would send you an official mail for the same.

    1. Thank you the invite Anjan. I would love to check out the site, let me think about it and get back to you! Also, thank you for the point about the email ID. I should put it up!


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