Software Engineer Troubles

They say daybreak is beautiful. I see it today, it takes my breath away. I don’t need coffee today to kick start my day. I already feel charged; an adrenaline high rushing through my veins. My plan, if all goes well could go viral on social media, maybe even make me famous or it could end up becoming the biggest embarrassment of my life. A complete disaster. I hope for my sake, it is the former.

I take a quick shower and get ready for work. I check my laptop bag, make sure I take my wallet, my house keys and by force of habit, my car keys as well. Then as an afterthought, I realize I will not be driving today. Chucking them back into the key holder, I pause and take a deep breath. I hope I do not end up becoming a laughing stock. For all I know, I might be covered in newspapers and on media channels. Saying a quick prayer, I lock up the house and leave.

I see the white horse, saddled up, all ready to go. She seems restless, symbolic of something I am going through as well. Donning my bag across my body, I take the stairs two at a time and reach my ‘vehicle’ in less than fifteen seconds.

“As ready as you are,” I mumble. “We’re both made for bigger things.” I say and giving myself a thrust, jump up and take my place. Then off we go, maneuvering the Bangalore roads, making heads turn. I see people whip out their phones and start shooting. Holding my head high, I pose for pictures with the placard I made yesterday night. “Last Working Day as a Software Engineer ” it reads.

I am Roopesh Kumar Verma. And today is my last day at work.

Picture Credit: Deccan Herald
The above is a fictionalized version of that morning – a possible rundown of what it may have been like. The event did happen for real. You can read more about it here.

The above post is post 6 of 7 in a series of posts written as part of a 7-day, based on today's image prompt, shown below, published within the 'Write Tribe Festival of Words June 2018' challenge.

Picture Credit: Pexels


  1. Now, that's one hilarious post! Someone celebrating the last day at work in such a unique way is quite interesting. I do hope he got to work safely and his 'vehicle' was offered a good parking area.

    1. Hahah! The uniqueness is something that you end up remembering for a long time, don't you!! Thank you for stopping by!!!

  2. A humorous post I thought you churned out after a pony ride you managed at Marina beach with the picture coming handy to was only when I read Rupesh kumar at the end,I looked at the zoomed picture.
    Thanks for dropping by at my blog after a very long time and making me happy

    1. You write so well, KP Sir! It's always time spent well reading your posts!!!


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